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Fashionable in a dark blue suit, the Aquarius man is ready to dominate the boardroom. Playfully dressed in an electric blue polo shirt and tan khakis, this man ardently whisks his partner away to a casual lunch, or a leisurely stroll along the city boardwalk. When this gentleman wears jewelry, it is chic, practical, and kept to a minimum. A genuinely nice person, the Aquarius man has many friends or acquaintances, but only a small circle of really close ones. Despite what may appear to be negative traits for a sound relationship, the Aquarius man is a loyal individual who highly values a true friendship.

To the Aquarius man, a strong mental attraction shares an equal with or greater importance than any physical appeal. Generally healthy and usually active, the Aquarius man is known to have problems with his legs, however. Enjoying energetic participation in sports may be good, but he has to exercise with caution. Perhaps an activity that stimulates the mind may be more appropriate for this man than a hard game of football.

True to his personality, the Aquarius man will flirt with injury to engage in any team sport that provides camaraderie. If the Aquarius man can keep his contradictory nature in check and be flexible with employees, he would make a good leader. With his intelligence and logical outlook, occupations in mechanics, photography, engineering, education, and broadcasting are well suited for him. Leaning towards the humanities and ready to tackle the world, this man could easily find himself doing battle in the political arena.

Why Cancer and Aquarius Attract Each Other and Tips for Compatibility

Future Forecast Report. All About Aquarius Aquarius Ascendant. Be sure to find out your personal astrology data online, at no cost. See our Synastry article for more advanced relationship analysis techniques. Intermediate and advanced students of Astrology might enjoy our article, SoulMate Astrology. Determine the positions of Venus and Mars by sign and learn the sexual secrets of your partner, and yourself!

OR click here to find the positions of all your planets. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here. That will bore him very quickly. Because your Aquarius man on a date is such a social creature, it is best not to expect a great deal of time alone with him, even on dates.

He wants to include everyone on your adventures. This sign is intellectual, not emotional. His goal is to do some good in the world. If you stay with him, you just might find yourself doing the same thing. She is compelling, distinctive, witty, and brilliant, not to mention, full of non-stop energy! If you can keep up with her, she is worth it. She loves to share her ideas, so a good way to approach her is to ask her about them or tell her what charitable causes you are involved in and ask for her advice.

Chances are, she has great ideas. As for dating an Aquarius woman , traditional choices are not a good idea. Down to her core, she is a nonconformist. Therefore, traditional gifts are out as well. Truly, she values simple things like good conversation and an afternoon working at a soup kitchen. If you want to spoil her, surprise her with something unusual like bungee jumping or a short trip to somewhere exotic. She may not be the marrying kind, but if she lets you in, she will be a fun, fascinating partner in life.

Aquarius zodiac sign is a complicated sign when it comes to sexuality. For Aquarius, sex should be a fun adventure. They enjoy trying new things and most of all, they love independence. Absence is just as significant as presence. The Aquarius man sexually is about as open-minded as one can be.

If you can think of something unusual to try, he is all for it. In fact, it is difficult to offend him.

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It is best to keep up with him, however. He wants his fair share of attention and sees sex as a two-way street.

Sun enters Scorpio

One thing that separates Aquarius zodiac man sexually from most signs is his insistence on keeping sex and emotion completely separate. In fact, it is simply an exercise for him almost exclusively. He can go long periods of time without intimacy. The Aquarius woman sexually is a great deal of fun to be with, but very difficult to get close to. She views sex as a healthy, physical activity, but little more.

That is not to say that she is boring in the bedroom — far from it! Variety and intrigue are the hallmarks of her sex life. She has just like the need for variety as her male counterpart, and that includes alone time. The last thing she wants is syrupy sweet nothings whispered in her ear or long cuddling sessions. The Aquarius woman sexually wants to have fun and try new things. Do your best to be flexible for her sake. Try coming up with ideas on your own.

Make sure she is just as happy at the end as you are. The Aquarius parent can be entertaining, peculiar, and just like having a grown-up friend. They may also be unpredictable, unavailable, and unapproachable when kids need an adult parent. Because Aquarians are so youthful and current in their views, there are rarely generation gaps between parents and children, even into the teen years. This makes for excellent communication, which is vital, but children and teens need emotional support as well.

Emotions are complicated for Aquarius parents to understand, let alone share. This will help their children feel safer in the world. Aquarius fathers are unsurprisingly eccentric and unpredictable. This makes them a great deal of fun, but not so good at creating boundaries.

The 2 Zodiac Signs You May Not Get Along With, Based On Your Sign

He loves having smart, impish children, and he encourages nonconformist thoughts and appearances. A child wants a purple mohawk? Go for it! A teen wants to wear second-hand plaid pants, a floral shirt, striped socks of different colors , and a clashing hat? Anything to make a statement. Even better if the items were delivered locally or through fair trade practices. Things are great when the children are happy. That is the best word to describe the Aquarius mother.

She does love her children, in her way. She may not come out and say it, but because she believes in making people feel valuable and worthwhile, she views her children as no different. They usually do not lack for self-esteem or confidence. Aquarius mother loves to share her views and knowledge with her children as well as her sense of adventure. On the downside, her fickle nature and lack of boundaries can cause confusion and unease in her children. Have you met a the man of your dreams?

If not, we can get to know each other to see how things will turn out for us. Best wishes and compliments of the season Gary. It sounds quite interesting. I am interested in knowing and meeting you if things work out for us as friends. I read all the requirements you have stated a man of your dream should possess. I am a single man too, I am 59 years old and I live in Newark, Nj. Compliments of the season Best wishes Gary. I am an Aquarius women who was married to a Cancer man for 12 years. It was rough…the insecurities and the clingyness was too much for this fiercely independent chick.

Need constant reassurance, would follow me around the house. Never felt so suffocated. Then 5 years ago I met an Aquarius man, our birthdays are 2 days apart. We get along great…best buds.. Which can be suitable to me… I m 33 years old… Very energetic and passionate about life. My Aquarius man is the opposite. He prefers the truth and facts about everything. Does not like liars. Sorry to hear about your failed relationship.

Good luck in finding a man that will satisfy you. There are no perfect man out there. There are always flaws in everyone. To make a relationship last, pray to God, if you believe. Hi even I got divorce last month, am looking for best serious girl. If you are OK then email me, and my email id is ganeshkumar. Am a Sagittarius who just wanted to know more about my compatibility with an Aquarius. This research is so insightful, thanks and God bless you.

I have been married to an Aquarius man for almost 18 years but been together for 24 years. He was my high- school sweet -heart. Still love him very much. I am a scorpio. Aquarius men, like my husband are more of a jealous type. I am the opposite of him on everything. My opinion, horoscope is just based on coincidence. Western astrology says I am an Aquarius but when I been deeply I really find out I am a Leo in Vedic astrology and my love is like piseces because my venus is placed their. If you really wanna love someone please go an look out for same interest instead of being attracted cus attracted love will end.

Best friends, passion in same things,pushing each other to achieve the things you want to have in life is love. I am just I will always be happy with my wife we share the same intrests and if she push me to new limits that I love anything else is affection. After soom times some one told me your scorpio is strong in you birth chart so I started behaving like scorpio after some times some one said i am a leo i became very happy as leo is a very amazing sign proud loving and generous.

Then I been into vedic astrology and find out about charts houses planets. I was shocked that all of this was basically me. I read bhagwat geeta holy bible and got answers to all my questions. I promised to erase this zodiac myth from my mind. Then I got the real trick of them being successful some of them were persistence patience smart work perseverance discipline forgiving people who hurt them just giving love not being aggressive controlling their temper and staying focused on one thing this was it i got my answer. I sucess and failiure is all about these things not zodiac. Zodiac is just different shades of your personality some people used to change their birthdates in old dates I have met some in their comes vedic astrology that also gives a brief information.

So please just stop wasting time and believing in zodiac because what you so shall you become. I am changing my self I am taking the ,character of an Aries ,patience of Taurus ,passion of Gemini ,love of cancer ,zeal and pride of Leo ,discipline of Virgo ,nature of Libra ,emotions of a Scorpio ,knowledge and good luck of a Sagittarius with ,persistence of Capricorn, the creativity of an Aquarius and determination of a Pisces.

Try philosophy and psychology instead of stupid astrology. Hope you all understand. So true! Thank you. I was married to an Aquarius man and the reason was physical attraction more than love. Now, after 21 years of marriage, we divorced. Maybe I need to find and love myself first?! Single Aquarius just met a Capricorn and hoping he will give me space and a passionate sex life. Capricorn is very boring in bed and Aquarius love the person to express every emotion in bed If I was with Capricorn and I am a Aquarius women I would cheat on them constantly.

No one has to be as serious as them than they have hardly no intellectual side or sense of humor. Im an aquarius woman that is currently in a relationship with a libra woman. If anyone can help me understand this relationship more, dont be afraid to respond to this comment. If you are reading this have a really nice day! And a Pisces whom I was in a relationship with for 13 years never married..

I love certain qualities of both men.. Feel I can be very laid back and be me with my Pisces man.. Yet feel more attracted and soulmate with my Gemini man.. If I could take what I love about each man n combine into one i would have the best man a woman could ask for or dream of… Please if anyone can share advice with me please do.. I need it badly.

I m aquarius woman, I am deeply in love with pisces man.. How bright our future is?? Can you plzz tell. I am a 24 yr old Aquarius woman who loves 2 men 1 Aquarius one year and 1 day apart and was my first love! The cancer man:overbearing,needy,disrespectful not really at first. Occasionally after I moved with my mom mi away!

The aqua man was my first love,kiss, and nude photo! I am an Aquarius woman in love with a Virgo male. My ex was a Cancer, please stay away from Cancers. Please avoid marriage.

About Aquarius

If he is overbearing now, it will only get worse when you marry. Please hold off on marriage. You must be sure. Are you in love with him or do you just want to be married? Cancer men do not make the Aquarius woman happy. Better as friends, not lovers. The Aqua male just got out of a serious relationship, divorce is hard. Maybe due to the divorce. Do you live near the Aqua male? Look at all the red flags, pros and cons. If you leave the cancer man, date or use match.

Wish you luck. I think you will make the right decision. Did you end up choosing?

Aquarius Love Compatibility: Aquarius Sign Compatibility Guide!

I am an Aquarius and have always liked Aquarius men. I just broke up with mine after 9 years due to boredom. We just felt like best friends. He understands my independence and need to go out with friends and be there for my friends and family. He makes me feel loved and always checks up on me. It takes me a minute to collect my emotions and tell him how I really feel. When we fight we get over it quickly and make up passionately. My Aries man makes me feel the sweet old fashioned love. Aquarius 23 dating a cancer 32 , found out we are pregnant. The key is grounding yourself everyday , to know they have no control over your happiness.

Sin city? How is the relationship between you and your Virgo man? I read all comments but I only found yours. I am an aquarius 28 woman and I have been in love with Virgo man almost 5 years he is same age with me. He never officially dated with me also we met when we were in University. I think I cant find a man better than him! I know its an opposite sign but I really hardly, deeply in love with him, no one cant replace Virgo.

I want to be with him but he is too different from me. Is there anyone who had dated or married or lived with a Virgo man? I need few real life experience An Aquarius woman and Virgo man relationship? High school sweethearts! Aquarius woman with Virgo man for 27 years. He and I have had our ups and downs but we level each other out. I have space when i want it without questions. I live him and appreciate him everyday!

This is interesting. Needless to say, I had a fair share of relationships with my fellow air sign. One of them was locking me up in his flat that he purchased for us to move in together when we marry on Italian Riviera while going out to work, for hours on end. The worst thing to do to an Aquarius woman!

And another one was unreliable bully whom I had to kick out because it was between my sanity for my newborn baby or his shenanigans… So, you guys, you never know. But intimacy wise…air on air works fabulous. I enjoy Aquarius women though. I honestly know two with Pisceans and that connection does help with their detachment and honesty about their feelings.

I married a Virgo and it describes us to a T, I constantly question everything. He is black and white and I am gray! I try not to give many opinions or expect too much attention, sympathy or compassion. He was very abusive, a cheater, and a pathological liar! When we divorced 8 years ago, I found out recently while we were trying to make our marriage work, he got engaged to a much younger woman 2 years before i was blindsided with a divorce.

She is 15 years his senior and she has a daughter a few years younger than our only baby daughter. He begged me to have another child when I was 36 years old and had 3 sons already. The heart wants what the heart loves. I get my freedom Ahhhhhhh and he travels and provides Over achieve and has too much energy. He likes my Surprise life and I like his steady life.

It works for me so I stay. I am an aquarius female n my husband is a scorpio. After I had my kids n felt like a whale, he always let me know i was beautiful n made me feel loved and wanted. Do you think we are compatible. Your moon sign can be a much stronger influence than your sun sign. That has a lot to do with compatibility, making it last. In fact, it might be the tell tale sign of whether it will fly or not. You need to know your time of birth to see your astro placement details. That is your blueprint if not, your manual!

Seems her spirit is not in tune with mine. But i recently fall in love with a Aries woman who loves me insanely and already ready to settle down with me… What is your thought about all this. I am a Capricorn, very much in love with Aquarius. We have a difference, but we balance each other out. Communication is key in the relationship, I find Aquarius to be more reluctant to express his feelings, whereas I would, as a Capricorn, prefer to talk things out and make things work.

Aquarius is a very stubborn person, but as am I, too. However, the communication side of things need to balance in order the relationship to work. Capricorn is very much a hardworking, career minded person, whereas, sometimes Aquarius needs a push, which Capricorn can help to support that and encourage. In bed, Capricorn and Aquarius have magnificent and amazing sex.

Aquarius & Taurus

It is all about communicating needs and wants. If one party is not appealed or is happy, one has to speak up and teach each other. The more you indulge into thinking Capricorn and Aquarius cannot work, you are very much delusional. I have close friends that are also Aquarius. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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