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This is alchemy at its best! The world You are glowing with a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfilment and completion. A long-term project, period of study, relationship or career has come full circle, and you are now revelling in the sense of closure and accomplishment. This card could represent graduation, a marriage, the birth of a child or achieving a long-held dream or aspiration.

You have finally accomplished your goal or purpose. Everything has come together, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have envisioned. Two of wands planning and moving forward — progression.

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Look at it this way; you have already set out to achieve a particular task, which means you have turned an idea into a realistic plan. Such a plan will require fulfillment and therefore you have to progress from just having the plan to actually achieving what you set out for. Discovery is being considered as another two of wands meaning. This is because it means that you are stepping out of your cocoon and exploring new experiences and worlds.

While the beginning might seem tough and difficult, the Two of Wands card encourages you to strive on and push forward. Jam-packed mini Timmies visit with Sabrina this morning before packing my bags More details and link to place your orders: www. Any guesses on how this is all going to go down?! Ummm, strawberrylemonade???? August 7 and 22! I feel so upset and uncertain, a lot lately. Just feeling a little lost and like I lost out. I'm kinda stuck in life right now That's a good deal.


I'm going to check that out. Got a tarot card reading tonight. Hanging with these nut balls today. Living our best life, bracing the joy each day brings and working on our daily habits. My favorite place on earth is when I'm on a beach.

Capricorn May 2019 Tarot Horoscope by Oracle Daphne TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE

Any beach, the sound of the waves, the sand on my feet, the fresh air, the sense of how truly small I really am and the power of the earth. This is where I come to connect back to the universe and to myself. Today during the manifestationbabe challenge we talked about how powerful the words that come after "I am" are. What are you saying? I am powerful. I am successful. I am beautiful. Which ideas fire you up?

Scorpio :: Scorpio rising Are you open to what is possible? How good does it feel to be you? Where do you experience love in your heart? Sagittarius :: Sagittarius rising What relationships are you attracting? Do you believe in yourself? How can you feel more at home wherever you go? Capricorn :: Capricorn rising What projects are you working on? Do you feel spirit supporting you? Which conversations inspire you? Aquarius :: Aquarius rising Are you having fun? Do you have an audience?

What are you holding on to? Pisces :: Pisces rising What is privately coming to life for you? Where do you experience recognition? Do you feel your affect on others? We are constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for the article submissions we receive at The Numinous on a weekly basis. This platform benefits immeasurably from featuring multiple voices and viewpoints, so please keep them coming! We will endeavor to reply within one week. All artwork will be credited to the artist with a link back to your site, so please provide a web URL when submitting. Sushma Sagar pursued a high powered career in fashion, but always practiced reiki on the side.

She shares how she finally found herself coming out of the spiritual closet at work. It was no joke. Of course you must always look back to look forward. As a kid, I played with the other children and got along just okay, but was always a bit on the outside. A little misfit who would hang around with other misfits to fit in. Fitting in, being what you thought others wanted, was what you did. A child of Indian doctor immigrants, with success and achievement drilled into us from an early age, assimilation was the most important thing.

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Childhood passions were quashed one by one — dance, theatre, art, textiles- and I grew up to find myself working in marketing for well-known fashion brands like Diesel, Ted Baker and Ben Sherman. It was fiercely competitive, and as for fitting in…well that goes without saying. I was so desperate to prove myself and to get along, shape shifting became natural. But quietly, outside of work, I was developing other interests.

The catalyst of heartbreak saw me visit a healer who used acupuncture and reiki to calm my heart and make me smile, when I believed I could not. Astonished and intrigued, before I knew it I had done a course and had been initiated into this, then secret, world. As did I…but on the weekends only! So my double life continued. By day, corporate world, shallow dreams, and fickle desires. On evenings and weekends, I was back to my private world, filled with magic, loving energy, and heart opening activities.

As far as I was concerned these worlds were mutually exclusive, and I felt more comfortable keeping them that way too. Celebrities and their holistic entourage were being reported in the press, spa and yoga retreats were all the rage. I ploughed on, reading and practicing until I finally completed my master reiki training. Simultaneously, my corporate life was also going from strength to strength. By now I had also joined a wonderful fashion brand, that celebrated interesting women. But then, heartbreak yet again, and some serious healing was needed.

I called in the big guns and found a shamanic practitioner in London. Together we journeyed back in time, healed some karmic contracts and made my soul whole again. Delighted, I trained with him to learn these skills for myself. Life was improving fast now on every level. The last piece of the puzzle was to find a way to bring my two separate worlds together.

I realized you can have one foot in the material and one in the spiritual! And your journal is the place to start, says Katie Simpson. Almost 18 years ago, I bought my first journal. It was a small back hardbound book covered in pictures of Mickey Mouse designs. This began on more intense days, such as in the build up to a New or Full Moon ritual. But now I can have these conversations during lunch breaks, late nights, or days when I am sick. The most I have in my system may be a cigarette or a glass or two of wine. Journaling and talking to God both happen in my journal but look very different.

It sounds and looks like two different people having a discussion. I will write something, and then She responds. The best way to explain it is like the old written notes we used to pass in class. Only I am both one of the writers and the messenger. I believe that with a little time and effort, you can have these kinds of conversations as well. Here are a few practices that have helped me commune with the Divine through the written word.

For example, in Hinduism, you could see Kali, Goddess of destruction, and Sarasvati, Goddess of wisdom, as two separate entities. Or they could represent two different aspects of the same Divine Feminine. So often in the Judaea-Christian West, we focus on God as a judge, ruler, or father figure. She is the feminine, the maternal presence, that I see when I reach out to God.

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And as such, she is the one who communicates with me on the page. To begin a dialogue with anybody, you need to feel a connection with them. Perhaps you need God to be a fierce warrior. So think back to which icons, saints or experiences really made the divine manifest for you. Is there a pattern? What images and ideas do you gravitate towards now?

Exploring this is a great start to feeling a connection with the Divine. Which means that before the Divine can show up on the page, I have to make space for her — space beyond the doubt, the criticism and the disbelief around God, that so many of us have developed. To give her space, a free-writing practice is critical. Each morning, I sit down and write three pages, either typed on my computer, or in a hardbound journal. No editing, no second guessing, just writing. Have I perfected this practice? No, but showing up helps me be honest on the page. I just keep writing.

A couple glasses of wine could be a faster way to muting the inner critic. However, drugs are only a quick fix. In fact, they usually begin with a vulnerable honesty. And what YOU need when chatting with God could look and sound completely different. However, it is up to you to show up. The Divine is all around us, waiting. Want to mess something up? Take a person for granted. Believe that your employee will simply continue producing great work and never leave — and just watch that relationship ferment into a bitter and moldy fruit.

Being in the presence of the Divine should always feel like a gift. As such, showing good manners and saying even a quick thank you after the fact can help. There are other ways to show your appreciation: donate money to your favorite charity; give a loved one a call and tell them you love them; pick up some trash from your park. Divine dialogue has become a gift that helps me be the best version of myself, for others and for myself. Whether you find God on the blank page or in the woods, know that it is your birth right to have time and space directly with her.

But taking time to discover what aspects of the Divine resonate with you, and then actually asking for that relationship, are fundamental to creating and sustaining this connection for the long haul. Images: Pa-kwan Promsri via Behance. But these vampires are not really blood drinking creatures although sometimes they might want to do that too. They are more like psychic suckers, energy drawers, seductive manipulators who can milk your energy, mess with your psyche, throw you off balance, and take away your power. Okay, so in theory we all know we should stay away from people that make us feel helpless or weak.

But can also be SO SO sexy to allow ourselves to be completely overtaken by someone. We each had our fair share of experience dealing with people like this in our love lives and found ways to cope with it, which we will share in this post. You know, like one night stands, and the implications of that spiritually. N: Exactly. N: Right. Because the minute that you open up and surrender sexually to them, your energies are melding and exchanging whether you like it or not.

N: So how did you personally protect yourself and create that boundary? A: Well, I had a date with this guy and we had really good conversation at dinner and then I went back to his house. I did not want some stranger that I had literally known for two hours to just go down on me. A: Depends how you look at it. And he ended up texting me like times over a period of three months and I had to block him.

So I guess he was a crazy. I had one ex who was a total vampire — her energy was so intense. After we broke up, I would just like go to the bathroom and every time I took a shit I would think about her leaving my body, like in my poop. And it really worked! It quickly released the emotional grip she had on me. N: When I was like having a lot of one night stands, I would sort of protect myself by being the one who was in control of the situation. We both dated people who did that. N: So what do you think it the first sign of a vampire?

A: They divulge too much too soon! They tell you their sob story straight off the bat. N: Yes! A: Health conditions, financial burdens…. N: They think that playing a victim will make you feel sorry for them. I dated someone like that. N: Yeah. At what stage? A: We had maybe been on three dates. And I fell for it. My heart was beating fast. N: This girl I dated was immediately doing things to me that I had found out that she had done in multiple relationships in the past.

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And telling me that she had never felt like this before and how she was going to marry me. A: I think that those are the people you have to try to watch out for the most because energetically you may fall apart after them. She would call me in the middle of the night. I just had to block her completely. But two years later I saw her, and she was kind. People change and time does heal. N: Yeah, after mine ended but it really took me a second to find myself and feel strong again.

Taking some time out to be alone, or changing your scenery can be helpful. For a while I was scared of bumping into her, thinking she could tip me over just by looking at me, and not because I loved her or wanted to be with her, just because she had that power and I knew it worked on me for a period of time.

Once the Moon is full, she begins to wane, an excellent time for cleansing and removing negative energies, known and unknown. Fill your bathtub with sea salt and lunar herbs such as lavender and wormwood. Imagine all negative energies, people or situations being absorbed by the water and then going down the drain. Before you leave your house, imagine at the top of your head a small globe of white light illuminating at first your third eye, then your throat chakra, moving down towards the heart center, solar plexus, lighting up your reproductive zone and continuing down to your feet, so that you are completely engulfed in healthy protective white light.

Imagine this light expanding into an invisible sphere that nothing negative can penetrate. Find one that has a special meaning to you and either wear it or carry it daily. Create a circle with salt around you and set up an altar for your ritual. Take a white figure or plain candle to represent the person and carve their name into the candle. Dress the candle with oil for banishing olive oil can also be used.

As you light the candle, watch as the wax drips down and imagine the person disappearing from your sphere of influence. When the candle is almost finished, burn the letter and then discard of the ashes and wax somewhere far from your house or bury it in the ground. Burn sage, cedarwood or frankincense to cleanse the space and move on with confidence. Share your tips in the comments below! Search for:. The Hoodwitch, a. Here, our favorite cosmic crush shares some insight into her creative process… Is there a female archetype you channel in your work?

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