February 3 horoscope sign aries or aries

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Welcome to Aquarius season!

Each of the zodiac signs is ruled by an element: water, fire, earth, or air. Each of the elements is characterized by different strengths and tendencies.

Aries zodiac sign personality : love, life mission, health, career

But how each star sign is affected by its element is unique to that sign. You can read all about which element you are, and what it means for you, here.

Every sign of the zodiac is attached to a quality: cardinal, mutable, or fixed. The qualities play uniquely essential roles in the world, and it's good to have a balance of them on any team. Last summer I got an astrology book and had so much fun learning more about sun, moon and rising signs. I have done a podcast episode on this topic and every few weeks I read the zodiac for that month in my podcast episodes. Since I get questions all the time about what book I use and how to find your sun, moon and rising sign, I wanted to make a quick guide for how to find yours and what they all mean.

I like it because its not too technical and its super pretty inside! It also lays everything out really well so its easier to understand. However, the book does go more in depth into houses, degrees, planets etc if you are interested in learning more! Your sun sign is what zodiac sign you read when you look up your horoscope. Your moon sign indicates your emotional nature and deepest needs. You need your birth day month and year to find your moon sign.

February 3 Zodiac

Here I included photos of moon sign charts for the years — If your birthday is before or after , you can just look up moon sign calculator on google and plug in your birthday! To use the chart: if you birthday is February 18, you would go to that year, then go to the February column and find You do things at your own pace.

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However, you can be very adaptive when the circumstances call for this. These two natures seem to be at variance. But, you still manage to make the best of this situation. This article captures your complete horoscope profile that explains your personality. Your zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Your astrological symbol is the Water Bearer.

Aries 12222 Horoscope

The Water Bearer is associated with those born between January 20 and February This symbol represents fertility, youth, progress, wealth, and impartiality. The planet Uranus rules over your life. It directs the way you think, behave, and even make decisions. It enables you to be a good communicator, a protector, and consistent in nature.

Air governs your life as your principal element. It unravels the domestic spirit in you, making you be independent-minded and self-driven. The February 3 zodiac people are on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp. We also refer to this as the Cusp of Sensitivity. You and your fellow Cuspers display a tremendous amount of creativity. Also, you are emotional and compassionate. You are adept at using these qualities to run your daily chores.

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You fall under the influence of two planets: Uranus and Neptune. Uranus governs Aquarius while Neptune rules over Pisces. For this reason, you come across as very intelligent, creative, and brilliant. You can see what is normally hidden from others. In spite of being busy with your life, you take the time to enjoy life to the fullest. This is good for your health.

As a February 3 lover, you come across as versatile and attractive. You are quite explorative, too!

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You like meeting new friends and establishing a romantic relationship with them. However, you also get bored quite fast. This means that you are constantly on the path of discovering new partners. You like people who are imaginative and mysterious. You believe that these people are best suited for your type of lifestyle. You surprise such people with the depth of your passion in the relationship.

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