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Error 2: Maharsi Jaimini has explicitly stated previously that the Katapayadi Varga shall only be applicable for Bhava and not for Graha. This means if the Graha names are mentioned at all, in any place, they have to be interpreted only as the planet. To our knowledge, there are two completely different interpretations of this Sutra. People who spend money on alcohol will go to the bar, people who spend money on books go to the library … in this manner the guna of the person changes based on where the feet twelfth house travel.

And in turn this is based on the expenditure also twelfth house. More about this in Parasara Jyotisa Couse. We have given ample examples in COVA and other books. Rashi drsti can cause permanent damage while graha drsti can show diseases with time or those that maybe cured.

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It is for this reason that an affliction coming to the fifth bhava from Venus causes loss of sight or eye troubles. My apologies, dear Guruji. My technological skills when it comes to computer skills are not so good. I e mailed you earlier directly due to my inability to open your earlier PJC posts despite repeated attempts. I will try to re-visit and check out your earlier PJC posts and see if I can open them this time. Im surprised that I was able to open this post and the subsequent one by clicking on the URL which I did to no avail before with respect to the PJC posts.

Will try my best again. Thank you for the valuable knowledge and insight. Om Gurave Namah. Pranams from your sisha, rod. Om Gurave Namah.. Aquarius Horoscope All About Zodiac Sign Pisces. History of Ancient Astrology. Pisces Horoscope All About Zodiac Sign Aries. All About Zodiac Sign Gemini.

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The primary Jaimini dasha we want to consider is the Caranavamsa dasha. To use the Caranavamsa dasa we have to know if a sign has the capacity to manifest. The signs that are rashi aspected Jupiter, Mercury or the lord of that house, is capable of manifesting that rashi and all that is associated with that rashi.

Influences of these three on a sign is said to be a Source of Strength according to Jaimini. For example, if your dara karaka is in Cancer, or Venus is in Cancer, or your 7th bhava cusp is in Cancer, your spouse will manifest in a Cancerian way. When the Jaimini dasa of Cancer runs, and the sign of Cancer has strength from Jupiter, Mercury or its lord by rashi aspect we can expect the spouse to manifest during that time period.

The four areas we want to consider to see what is going to manifest in each Caranavamsa dasha are the natural karaka, the cara karaka, the bhava cusp in the rashi, and the pada in the rashi. When a sign is activated by Caranavamsha and is supported by the Jaimini Sources of strength, those things represented by the karakas, cusps and padas have the capacity to manifest. This applies to both the Rashi natal chart and the vargas.


How can we know how the concrete aspect of our life is going to manifest as represented by the areas of life activated? This is dependant on the nature of the planets rashi aspecting the sign in question. Please refer back to my videos on planetary qualities for more information on this.