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Well, truthfully, no, Aquarius.

But there is a shift of emphasis this year, and a lot of it can be very positive. Last year saw a massive sluggathon between your modern ruler Uranus and Mars in your zodiac sign, from mid-May through to late September.

Daily Aquarius Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

This could have brought some complex issues, particularly around your family, and emotional security very much to the fore. Though Mars is not going to be supercharged in your sign this year, it does start in a very positive location, and along with a fantastic angle between Mercury and Uranus, this combination gives you the chance to demonstrate to people from the get go, just how innovative and original you can be in your approach. But what's going to be vitally important this year, is to ensure that whatever you're investing your time and energy into, is well balanced.

And if there is a lack of balance, this can throw up some issues, especially around your vitality or emotional well-being.

Aquarius Today

Look to be as virtuous as possible around life organization, chores, physical activity, diet and nutrition and work. If all these things are monitored in a careful way, there are wonderful opportunities to progress.

Aquarius Daily horoscope for Wednesday, 09 October 12222

For with Jupiter's support, your networking skills and ability to collaborate, can see some fab breakthroughs at so many levels. Start with some creative visualization. The intuitive moon and spiritual Neptune meet in your money sector today. While it may be hard to set aside your rational mind, what has skepticism ever gotten you but bitterness and a buzzkill?

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Allow yourself to ask the big question: What do I truly desire? Set aside what you think you "should" want and allow yourself to connect to that bigger dream.

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Ask, believe, receive! Slice of humble pie, Aquarius?

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Imparting your hard-won wisdom could come across as finger-wagging and superior. Bottom line: Stay off the soapbox.

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Family first! Be prepared to change your schedule around to accommodate a relative or roommate with really unfortunate timing. Your wit is sharper than a ninja's throwing star this Sunday, whether you're peppering conversation with perfectly timed jokes or slaying with a meme and characters. Over the coming two weeks peak manifesting time of this lunation , your social life could blast off the charts as you meet motivational kindred spirits.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Free Today’s Aquarius Horoscope

Become a regular at a neighborhood hotspot or start hanging at the buzziest co-working spot. Mom-and-pop or mom-and-mom shops within walking distance could yield new friends, creative partners or tap you into inspiring activities in your back yard.

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