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As a fellow intuitive and Pisces I trust her wisdom and guidance. Connect with me on all my Social Media. These are the best places to follow what I'm up to and all the planetary happenings affecting your life. Get ready to catch a hold of some extra optimism, as well as beneficial twists. This love fest is about all kinds of love, however, not just lovers. The Venus touch to Jupiter has the potential to help all heart related matters both romantic, familial and platonic.

Jupiter and Venus typically meet up only once a year — however in they will collide two times. Not a Member Yet? Take a Look at all your Missing! The Crystal B. Sign Me Up! March April April May May 21 - June June July July 23 - Aug Aug Sept Sept Oct Oct 23 - Nov Nov 22 - Dec Dec 22 - Jan Firstly, better late than never: many thanks for looking at my chart and explaining to me that my Pluto square Venus is probably the most important aspect!

It makes sense. For a long time I had the feeling that both planets had a big role on my chart. I have been so busy that I had no time to comment on your excellent posts although I am particularly thinking about this particular one. It seems that my solar return was exact on 27 august So far I guess that I can assume this aspect made a conjunction with my natal Saturn but what about mercury transit? And on the other hand how Uranus retrograde in transit at 24 degrees and conjunct natal midheaven I am also concerned by the fact that the eclipse on 16 sept in piscis will be in ooposition to my natal saturn.

Could that eclipse activate all these conjunction? Hi again Meli.

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I agree you have Moon opposite Saturn but it is not a very strong influence in chart at over 5 degrees orb. Anyway, in an aspect like that you will find that Saturn tends to act on your Moon, more than the Moon n your Saturn. You certainly do not have Venus sextile Saturn with an orb of over 8 degrees. Uranus conjunct MC Transit looks to be your most significant transit at the moment.

Hi Jamie, I have jupiter venus neptune in sagittarius at 2nd house, scorpio ascendant sun mercury south node Ketu and tauras north node Rahu in 7th house.

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How will be my partner? Do these energies become stronger till they conjunct? Is a Venus at 16 Aquarius conjunct Jupiter at 24 too wide? Also the Venus is opposite the plutoat 16 leo. Hi Jamie, I have a friend with Venus in Scorpio, 5 degrees natal. As Jupiter transited, she was dumped by her boyfriend of two years who began secretly dating her best friend.

Venus in Scorpio does indicate betrayal in love for a woman, especially when young. Keeping in mind the possible benefits I told her she is clearing away the trouble and this year would be good for love and money. Any comment? Hi Jamie, I have Venus Conjunct Jupiter in my second house with Sagitarius, can you tell me please what is the meaning??

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  8. I am so excited because the retrograde transit of Venus on November 15, which is my birthday, will conj. So if 8 is too wide I am hoping that a 5 degree conj.

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    But what if Venus is at the same time in opposition to Uranus together with Jupiter? And then Saturn…. I have mixed feelings here,i found myself often having a blessing in disguise…but that is just me telling me everything is still good.

    SInce my saturn return i feel as if i was just dreaming the whole life…. A friend told me i should never lose my optimism…made me laugh,cause he said it when i was thinking about ending my life…. I would crack jokes at him the last few years, that he embodied China, in mannerism.. I can help you find this entity, if you wish.

    A transit of Mars across Jupiter on 12 September was observed by the monk Gervase at Canterbury , [4] and by Chinese astronomers. The next time a mutual planetary transit or occultation will happen as seen from Earth will be on 22 November at about UTC , when Venus near superior conjunction with an angular diameter of Parallax will cause actual observed times to vary by a few minutes, depending on the precise location of the observer.

    There are only 18 mutual planetary transits and occultations as seen from Earth between and There is a very long break of events between and Twice during the orbital cycles of Jupiter and Saturn , the equatorial and satellite planes of those planets are aligned with Earth's orbital plane, resulting in a series of mutual occultations and eclipses between the moons of these giant planets.

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    The terms eclipse , occultation , and transit are also used to describe these events. This table is another compilation of occultations and transits of bright stars and planets by solar planets. Some events are barely visible, because they take place in close proximity to the Sun. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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